Vibram Five Finger Shoes - Love them or hate them?


The first time I saw Tim Ferriss wearing these things I know I needed to try them. Why? Maybe the lead motivator was just seeing they were so different than anything I have ever seen in my life or if I really place a lot of weight on my ‘blink’ ability I guess I knew how unbelievable it would be to feel the ground again.

They are not for everywhere, and all the time use. At least I cannot imagine going that far with them. However when I read one of Tim’s comments from his recent blog entry I would total agree:

My favorite model is, by far, the Classic. It’s easiest to get on, even with my worthless nub of a little toe, and it most closely mimics the true barefoot feel. The only downside is that, to get a snug fit and not have the heel come off the foot, you must slide the top slip-tie until it is quite tight. This will feel unusual for the first 24 hours or so. I have used the Classic to go trail running in SF and it is euphoric.

A euphoric feeling for something I have been doing since learning how to walk? Crazy? Yes, it might be crazy and it is true. For the first time you can feel what it means to be barefoot again in places where we have cushioned our lives to the point of where it is not practically possible anymore. I would agree with Tim about the fact the Classic is easier to get on, however, I feel almost the opposite about the KSO when it comes to it being conspicuous where he says:

I love the KSO, but it is more of a process to get on, and far more conspicuous.At first, it’s fun to get a lot of attention with the shoes (gentlemen, you will not believe the “peacocking” effect of these puppies), but giving each person you meet a 5-minute explanation gets old fast. The Classic blends in more than the KSO or any model with straps. Black will help all models fade into the ground, but I prefer colors.

In any case I am keeping both models and hope to check out the KSO on a hike with Larry sometime soon. I also hope to get permission from the family to wear them at my sons’ school (at the moment the perception is way too far on goofy side). Read Tim’s full report here.