Why I write…

Well, WordPress is certainly up and running! For someone just poking around with a new toy set I seem to have been able to put a lot of polish into its layout over a very short period of time. I guess that shows the power of today’s tools given a little knowledge and amazing access to hundreds of developer add-ons created to make something good that much better.

So why a blog in the first place? I have had two, maybe three, failed attempts in the past. Yes, the technology was not up to where it is now and for some reason I never even considered the option of starting something up on one of the more popular blogging sites that have evolved through the years. I wanted to be in the ultimate control of my own data and not rely on the cloud to be there all of the time. Not that the cloud itself would go away but my fear is seeing some kind of transition in a service provider lose whatever I have worked on. Yes, there are now ways to run backups even on your cloud data but… (Look at what happened to T-Mobile Sidekick users – although the latest news says they might be okay afterall)

Okay, so much for where my blog resides (on my own personal server) — but still why? To share, communicate, record, and most likely something I have not thought of yet. For me it is not so much having a clear vision of where I want to go with the blog but rather having a clear vision of it being important to me. Maybe it will be dot to look back on that brought me somewhere else in life or perhaps a key point of focus that brings many other dots together. I really do not know and my adventure is to find out. As Steve Jobs has said, it is difficult to connect the dots going forward but easy when you look back.

A good number of the entries to date have been rather technical and dry. So here is another point I see where I am being pulled. Dumbledore had his Pensive and it would seem writing is my stone age version of one. It is a way to keep a mind both clear and active at the same time. When things bother me transferring them to ‘paper’ produces an amazing calming effect and allows for more thought to take place. To put it in my own simple way; When my brain gets full writing is a way to empty it and start afresh. Thus look for more interesting posts to come!

I will be bouncing around a lot and ultimately hope that my writing will be useful to someone more than myself. The comments are there to have a conversation and even more importantly I am here to take requests.

Read the FAQ — there is not much there at the moment but it will built as needed. For now look there to find efficient ways to check in to this blog, or almost anything else you are interested in on the internet, and maybe some suggestions for topics for me to dive into in greater depth in the days ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and I hope you find a reason to return!