Execution is everything — and perhaps even more…


I touched on the subject of the value of execution as opposed to simply ideas in the story “Stupid Human Tricks!” However, recently I had another add on thought to this already strong belief when I was listening to Chris Sacca being interviewed by Tim Ferriss: “Chris Sacca on Being Different and Making Billions

I don’t having any fear in disclosing my secrets to B teamers because they are not going to end up completing with me. — Chris Sacca

What does this mean? Forget C players — they are not even in the game. B players are not important because even if you lay the playbook on them they cannot fake being A players.

Fine, but it actually goes beyond that…which is the point I never really thought about before. If I teach you my secrets you are naturally going to be an ally of mine going forward. We will end up doing deals together and you will actually enhance my own ability to execute.

The troublesome fact of life, however, is I am not sure there is a road to upgrade to the next level. You might be an A player stuck in a B place (most likely not a C place) and need a nudge to get out but I wonder if there is really a way to otherwise upgrade.

I think the closest memory of formal education doing a good job for myself was at MIT. Organic chemistry, which I thankfully never had the misfortune to experience, was notorious for memorization. Whereas, for nearly every other course, when exam time came around you could bring your notes, books, and calculators because that was not what you were going to be graded on. What you were graded on was how well you can apply the material to new problems. You had no choice but to be an A player or be selected out of the college itself.

With the pace of the world today is it has become almost impossible for formal education to keep up with current needs. Acquiring the ability to learn on your own is no longer an option. Thinking you can do anything entirely by yourself is becoming less of an option as well. Being an A player is a moving target and the only way to stay there is being surrounded by other A players.

Another powerful force in the world that keeps growing and tries to wrap its long tendrils around your neck is distraction. Some times it can be confused with a lack of attention to detail…for example: I send an email to someone saying all I need to get this done for you is a, b, and c. The reply I get back is the answer to ‘a’ but no mention or action on b and c. Did you read it? Did you not care? Did you not have the time? No, it was not some long ass email I sent you that I do not expect anyone to read but a rather “to the point” attempt at making your job easier and all I get back is a brain itch. A players work at the edge of their limits but never allow themselves to fall off the cliff into mediocrity.

The Most Important Word

If you find yourself lost to those around you who seem to be moving too fast and have no desire to catch up… If you find yourself being asked more than once for things that are key in getting the goals in front of you done… If you hold your ideas and methods close in fear of others stealing from you…and you want to be part of the “A Team,” then my advice to you is to find a way to be happy as a B or C player because it simply is not going to happen.

(Originally posted on Medium)