What I learned from Mikki Williams that stuck with me for over 20 years

On December 18th, 1995 Mikki Williams did a presentation for my, then TEC, now Vistage, Group 100 entitled — Pyromania: How to set a fire under yourself. Like most all presentations there was a good amount of wisdom and take home for the moment and, like most presentations, almost of […]

Time for some words about the coming election (aka, It is not Democrats vs Republicans anymore)

Republicans vs Democrats — right? In searching for the image above I ran into a meme from the 2012 election showing Obama and Romney with the caption, “Voting changes nothing. Revolution is the only solution.” Well, for 2016 America has been voting for a revolution — or at least the beginnings […]

How Carol Baldwin got me into the Feature Film Business

Some of you, like me, might have been fans of a long ago, as in 1978, BBC series called Connections. It was a fascinating show that attempted to connect significant breakthroughs in the world to a chain reaction of events, be they intended or complete accidents, over long periods of time. […]

Some Advice on Mark Cuban’s tips for eventual winner of the $1.4 billion (or more) Powerball jackpot

The Scoop Blog on the Dallas Morning News ran a story summarizing Mark Cuban’s tips for the winner(s) of the now unicorn status Powerball jackpot. In all it was really great wisdom for the person (or people) that will share the task of living life past that winning ticket day. For […]

Is Comcast Actively Trying to Get People to Hate Them?

On a recent trip my dive master said an easy way to feel old is to go into an Apple Store. He then went on to describe how when he asked where the cash register is he was told he could just check out by talking to any employee. Then I went on to say […]