Should you believe anything is possible?

I made an interesting observation the other day when talking to someone who was looking at sending their first child to a private, “independent,” school. They said they only really have two options in their local area and if one, in particular, proves out on a financial stability check then that would be their […]

Forget stage fright, where is the 1–2–1 practice in education?

Today I was speaking to a friend and the subject came up about his involvement in a not for profit public speaking program. New Jersey Orators, Inc looks to “improve the public speaking skills of New Jersey children between 7 and 18 years of age, thereby, increasing their self-confidence, academic success, leadership skills and […]

Share some of the things that are important beyond business

On Episode 205 of Joe Polish’s “I Love Marketing” podcast he did an interview with myself and three other entrepreneurs on a plane ride from St. Louis, MO to Manchester, NH. This is the second in a series of stories where I will dive a little deeper into the answers I gave […]

Sustainability Questions to Ask an Independent (Private) School

Sustainability? No, I am not talking about helping Al Gore improve the charts shown in his next presentation. I am talking about the tough questions that need to be asked during the tough times we find ourselves in: times in which the public markets do not seem to be correlated with the average person’s […]