Bulletproof Coffee: Simple vs Complicated, and Easy vs Hard

I was listening to a Derek Sivers Q&A on the Tim Ferriss podcast and he talked about the interesting concept to which this story is entitled.

Look at running.

If you talk with people who hate running, you’ll hear them say, “Ugh. First you have to get your running clothes, and […]

Snowboarding in the Netherlands!?

I never tried skiing or snowboarding and when asked why I think the simple answer is neither my family or peer group growing up brought me into any situation where I had the opportunity. Living in New Jersey I certainly enjoyed the winter time as a child (who did not look forward to a snow […]

Vibram Five Finger Shoes - Love them or hate them?

The first time I saw Tim Ferriss wearing these things I know I needed to try them. Why? Maybe the lead motivator was just seeing they were so different than anything I have ever seen in my life or if I really place a lot of weight on my ‘blink’ ability I guess I […]