Thinking about my Super Power…


A friend by the name of Jim Kwik has a SuperHeroYou conference he hosts where performance experts come together behind closed doors in Los Angeles to share their best ideas to unleash your Superhero Brain, so you can triumph against the modern day super-villains of information overload, digital distraction, mental fog, fatigue, and forgetfulness. One of the repeating themes I noticed was people being asked what their “super power” was.

Given the moments in my life that made the most difference to my, then, future self I have come to realize that my super power is fearing the unknown a lot less than a known bad certainty. In an older story here on Medium I said it a little differently, “It is more important to stop going in the wrong direction, than to know which direction is right.” As the entrepreneur sees the unknown as untapped opportunity a seasoned business owner, and investor, needs to see the unknown as a way to survive as the world changes.

It is fun to see the leadership lessons people have collected from the fictional character Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The one I remember the most is:


I have found it useful to understand that, more often than not, there are no right answers to the best path ahead. There are only choices to be made and if you choose not to decide, counter to the Rush lyrics, then the world has made your choice. If it is time to leave something behind then do so with a determination where there is no looking back — only continued learning, course correction, and hustle, for the path you are now on.

Although you can borrow other people’s super powers at times of need there is most likely only one that makes you consistently unique when compared to the crowd. If you know yours — leave it in the comments below…

Originally posted on Medium