If you use Carbonite you might just need a CrashPlan

I do backups regularly. Time Machine, Retrospect, even offsite HD storage. I try to run as paperless as possible and thus I am very protective against disaster in the digital world. The cloud has always been an interesting option but without Google Fiber it is just not going to work for everything and on top […]

HP vs. Epson Paper: Is it just me or is there something wrong here?

Many years ago I was loyal to the Epson brand. When it came time to get a printer for photos, or even low run plain paper jobs, I would look around at the Epson offerings and select the model that seemed to fit my needs the best – while always looking for a networked solution […]

Creating a DOS Boot CD for a PC

It has been years since I faced the need to boot a PC without Windows up and running, in order to do some kind of hardware flash, and yesterday I decided to take the plunge. I had several Western Digital WD2002FYPS 2TB hard drives that were giving me fits and the information posted about a […]

Moving up to WordPress

Maybe I am hallucinating but when I started this blog and made the decision to host it personally I looked at MovableType (MT) and WordPress (WP). MT I was somewhat familiar with from playing with it a bit years ago. I installed it but never used it enough to say it was really up and […]

What do you do when Mac OS X will not boot?

Well, I learned the hard way twice… I live a largely paperless life, my laptop (a MacBook Pro 17″) has my business world on it, I am a backup freak with Time Machine running along with Retrospect remote (or whatever they call the network service these days), and periodic backups of the backups taken off […]