Moving up to WordPress

Maybe I am hallucinating but when I started this blog and made the decision to host it personally I looked at MovableType (MT) and WordPress (WP). MT I was somewhat familiar with from playing with it a bit years ago. I installed it but never used it enough to say it was really up and running the way it should be. Then not long ago I looked at the requirements for both packages and MT seemed to be easier to deal with. Yes, there were perl modules to load up, databases to choose from, and a horribly complicated perl installation (at least on the Mac OS) to deal with image files. Yet, somehow I remember WP being more complicated.

What? If I used drugs that could have been the explanation for now I have installed WP on the Mac OS with, what?, not a single extra third party whatever to be installed? How is that possible? On the server I added a database to mySQL, dragged the WP folder over, edited a few lines in the configuration file and I was pretty much up and running. Customizing? How simple compared to the learning curve of MT.

For larger reasons than what I certainly have read more about a WP user’s migration experience and why they migrated to begin with here.

Okay, as an update it was not quite as easy as that. To get the thumb nails for the image uploads to work I needed to compile and install GD. Fortunately there is a super guide here. I only needed to make two changes to their directions the first had to do with the jpeg library being updated and thus the URL changing to: jpegsrc.v7.tar.gz. The second was that I needed to remove the architecture targets I did not need for make to be happy. The bottom line it was still a simple and quick process compared to MT.