Pain, change, and business growth

I shared a little bit of my own story about a family business turnaround in a previous story here on Medium. In the end, few of the people in the top level management positions survived that turn around yet none of them were simply fired. Most left on their own […]

My most used tool from CEO Toolkit

While successfully turning around a family business and relying on a COO for operations I was asked many times, “How was I able to tell if the COO was doing a good job?” It may seem like a simple question but, for entrepreneurs that have started their businesses and led the charge ahead largely […]

Execution is everything — and perhaps even more…

I touched on the subject of the value of execution as opposed to simply ideas in the story “Stupid Human Tricks!” However, recently I had another add on thought to this already strong belief when I was listening to Chris Sacca being interviewed by Tim Ferriss: “Chris Sacca on Being Different and Making Billions”


Signs that you are looking to be surrounded by “Yes Men.”

When founding a new business you are in the unique position where every decision is indeed your own. Now that you beat the odds and are in that special 10% of businesses that don’t fail shortly out of the gate you will be faced with one of the most difficult prospects in leadership — […]

Life is really unfair, maybe…maybe not.

The first place I heard this story was from Tony Robbins at a UPW seminar. I actually forget the context it was in at the time but the story itself carried with me for all the years that followed. I am sure it has taken many forms with subtle changes but this is what […]