Excuses are not solutions

It has been about 30 years since I first used the phrase “excuses are not solutions.” I was on the phone with someone who was giving me an entire list of all the reasons why something could not be accomplished instead of offering any ideas of how to get what […]

Thinking about my Super Power…

A friend by the name of Jim Kwik has a SuperHeroYou conference he hosts where performance experts come together behind closed doors in Los Angeles to share their best ideas to unleash your Superhero Brain, so you can triumph against the modern day super-villains of information overload, digital distraction, mental […]

Extreme Ownership


Not returning calls, not being on time, not having enough money, being too old, being too young, being too fat, everything is too expensive, people are getting stupider, all this processed food is killing us, crime is out of control, today’s music is all derivative trash, always blaming someone else […]


This word comes up a lot — especially in mission statements which are used as a way of communicating the purpose of the organization. Yet, somehow it seems more emphasis is placed on the moral implications rather than on congruency.

My challenge to you is to keep things simple. When we focus on […]

Signs that you are looking to be surrounded by “Yes Men.”

When founding a new business you are in the unique position where every decision is indeed your own. Now that you beat the odds and are in that special 10% of businesses that don’t fail shortly out of the gate you will be faced with one of the most difficult prospects in leadership — […]