A Brief Update

At first I really did not want to get into customizing any of the sidebar items myself. I am not an HTML/CSS wizard by far and hoped to shortcut the whole process by finding someone on www.rentacoder.com to do the (at least what I thought would be a quick job) for me.

Turns out the people that replied to a post I had seemed to have no experience with MovableType and most thought it would be a rather significant task. It just did not make any sense so I let the bid lapse and thought someday I would just look at it myself.

Well, that day has come so I fired up VMWare Fusion again and simply tried changing things off line and see what happens.

I cannot say I did everything correct but I do see a Twitter update column where I want it along with my Yelp! bling.

I must be getting at least a little bit dangerous on the web…

Getting into summer the content creation has been slow though there are a few items in the draft box. It may take a while to get them out, however, the goal I have for this blog is to keep it rich in content not full of words.