If you use Carbonite you might just need a CrashPlan

I do backups regularly. Time Machine, Retrospect, even offsite HD storage. I try to run as paperless as possible and thus I am very protective against disaster in the digital world. The cloud has always been an interesting option but without Google Fiber it is just not going to work for everything and on top […]

What do you do when Mac OS X will not boot?

Well, I learned the hard way twice… I live a largely paperless life, my laptop (a MacBook Pro 17″) has my business world on it, I am a backup freak with Time Machine running along with Retrospect remote (or whatever they call the network service these days), and periodic backups of the backups taken off […]

A Brief Update

At first I really did not want to get into customizing any of the sidebar items myself. I am not an HTML/CSS wizard by far and hoped to shortcut the whole process by finding someone on www.rentacoder.com to do the (at least what I thought would be a quick job) for me.

Turns out the […]