How is drinking alcohol like making a lot of money?

There was an article on WebMD ten years ago entitled, “Is Alcohol a Truth Serum?” It centered around a controversy at the time where someone made anti-Semitic remarks during a drunken tirade. Though the article did seem to draw a line between alcoholic behavior and social drinking the punch line still […]

Some Advice on Mark Cuban’s tips for eventual winner of the $1.4 billion (or more) Powerball jackpot

The Scoop Blog on the Dallas Morning News ran a story summarizing Mark Cuban’s tips for the winner(s) of the now unicorn status Powerball jackpot. In all it was really great wisdom for the person (or people) that will share the task of living life past that winning ticket day. For […]

Atlas Shrugged

There are a number of common sayings when it comes to the wealthy.

The Rich Get Richer

The Rich Get Richer is sometimes followed by the phrase “and the Poor Get Prison.” I am sure you are familiar with:

It Takes Money to Make Money

I am sure there are others but somehow these […]

Is this thing they call the 1% really about money?

I personally think not. Yes, it makes good news. The occupy Wall St. thing was indeed a thing. The bad 1% of the so called “rich” 1% (for those doing real math ‘1%’ is actually 0.01%) make up 99% of that news — for the 80/20 rule on that one. To […]