Success leave clues… and don’t discount the teaching power of failure

Tony Robbins says, “Model someone who is already getting the results that you want. If you want to accelerate the tempo of mastery, find somebody that is already getting the result and figure out how they do it, and do the same thing. Success leaves clues.”

I believe in […]

Yes, You Can Change the Past

Change the voices in your head make them like you instead — P!ink

We have all had it happen before. The scenario where we blissfully move along in life and then discover the world we knew so well was not true. Maybe it was the relationship that moved forward on a […]

How is drinking alcohol like making a lot of money?

There was an article on WebMD ten years ago entitled, “Is Alcohol a Truth Serum?” It centered around a controversy at the time where someone made anti-Semitic remarks during a drunken tirade. Though the article did seem to draw a line between alcoholic behavior and social drinking the punch line still […]

Find a Way to Enjoy the Journey and Make the Impossible Happen

Upon seeing the story of a perfectly symmetrical photo of a Kingfisher diving for prey in the, I used it as an example when talking to someone who was giving up in frustration, after a very short period of time, while attempting to get through a problem. I said here […]

It is more important to stop going in the wrong direction, than to know which direction is right.

My father started a business in 1969. It was in the plastics industry and, yes, the “The Graduate” was right:

Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Benjamin: Yes, sir. Mr. McGuire: Are you listening? Benjamin: Yes, I am. Mr. McGuire: Plastics. Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean? […]