The Magic of Little Dix Bay and Virgin Gorda, BVI

Three years ago was the first visit to Little Dix Bay and since then I have renewed my SCUBA certification and gone diving around a half a dozen times. I was first certified almost exactly thirty years ago and after a long time out of the water it was good to finally be back. Yet, […]

Arizona in June

My previous experience with Arizona has been limited to the brief encounters on 15 heading west into the Las Vegas area or on 93 crossing the Hoover Dam out of Nevada just to turn back around. This year we made Scottsdale our base of operations, had amazing weather at the early part of June, and […]

The Great Cheesesteak Smackdown - Pat's vs. Geno's

Growing up in the Tri-State Region area I certainly knew what a cheesesteak was. My mother was probably the first to serve me one and in my older years I made more than a few of my own with, dare I say, Steak-umms. The thoughts of those years make me cringe at present day as […]

Bonita Springs, Florida, March 2010

Perhaps not the first place you would think of for enjoying Spring Break, at least for a college youth looking for specific entertainment, but if you find yourself in a different demographic, here are just a couple of tips on tours to take and things to do in the area.

I never thought more about […]

The Netherlands, March 2010

Traveling on business with some pleasure mixed in offered a chance to take in some of the offerings of the Netherlands that I have either never seen or have not been back to in many years. Here are a few of the notable items from the trip…


Take a canal tour. I guess if […]